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This incredible, custom indoor village playhouse was designed for Reilly Dental in Marietta, GA. (Their website is This village is sure to keep the kids entertained (so much so, they might just look forward to going to the dentist for once!) with so much space to explore and play in.

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Though this playhouse was designed for a waiting room, it can easily be used in a home, or other type of office.

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This amazing village playhouse has it all. A hidden staircase leads up to the second floor. The upper area wraps around the length of the playhouse and has a slide at one end. A large front door leads to both crawl and standing space inside. From under a set of three nestled gables appears a metal topped slide.

A dozen windows allow kids to peek out at parents and friends. The mismatched windows, various tower styles, and whimsical paint design work together makes the place come alive. With different paint colors simulating different buildings, it almost feels like an entire village in one!

We especially love the funky rounded turret above the door, and we know that every kid that plays on it will find their own favorite spot.

The playhouse also includes bench space opposite the ‘buildings’, perfect for parents or older kids. These benches include plenty of cubbies for toys, as well as a tall bookshelf.

The standard design is hand painted on the outside and base painted on the inside. On this playhouse, we’ve mixed colors to create an effect that is both whimsically mix-matched but also unified. We would be happy to paint it in any color scheme you like.


12′ W x 12′ D x 11′ H

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