Noah’s Ark Indoor Playhouse


Sail away in this fun, simple, charming, Noah’s Ark kids indoor playhouse! All that’s missing are the pairs of animals.

With an upper and lower level, plenty of portholes for peering out, and a slide, this small footprint playhouse will be big fun for the kids!

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Everyone knows the tale of Noah’s Ark, and all the animals coming two by two. Well now, with this lovely little playhouse, kids can make their own adventure! Meet Noah’s Ark Indoor Playhouse.

Kids enter the playhouse through an arched entryway on the bow. The inside of the playhouse has an open ceiling. This allows plenty of light to get in, as well as provides visibility for adults. Portholes along the walls give kids a chance to see out, and maybe even pretend to be an animal! A lower portion of the playhouse acts as the hold, and makes a perfect place for kids to cuddle up with a good book.

We put a paneled railing on the staircase leading up to the second level. This rail means that kids of all ages can make it up safely. At the top are two portholes looking out over the stern, as well as a slide to take kids out into the world again! 

For the Noah’s Ark Indoor Playhouse shown here, we base painted it and added an optional wood grain finish. You have the option of ordering it unpainted, or hand painted–perhaps with a few animals ready to go! 

Dimensions: 135″ W x 97″ D x 86″ H (the depth includes the slide)

We pride ourselves on our ability to create for anyone’s needs. If you are concerned our design will not fit in your space, or you would like to add or remove features, please give us a call. You can also look into creating your own unique design with us!

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