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Believe it or not, this McKenzie Castle Bunk Bed actually began life as a Norwich! But once it was finished, we loved it so much that we couldn’t resist naming it after the family it was designed for: the McKenzies!

In addition to the adjusted features, this bed also had incredibly unique-custom hand painting. See the slide on the left. It’s a waterfall!

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Because our McKenzie Castle Bed started out life as our Norwich Castle bed, they share a lot of great features!

First off, we kept the octagonal tower and bird-cage turret from the original Norwich. However on the McKenzie we added a window and rearranged them. We did this to match the wrap around, spindled staircase. Now it looks like the stairs and windows climb together. Inside the octagonal tower are shelves. Your child can reach these shelves from both the upper and lower bed areas.

On the left side of the McKenzie Castle Bed bed, we’ve replaced the bookcase tower with a parent and child tower. Both towers have crenelated tops, but we made the parent top plus sized. This makes a great place for you to store books or stuffed animals! The bird-cage tower is also great for that purpose.

Between these two towers we’ve put our classic Orlando window. Not only does this look great, but it also has some storage space inside for your child to use.

The opening to the lower level of the bed is a wide arch with molding along the top. There is also straight molding along the top and bottom of the center wall, as well as crenelated molding along the base of the parent and child towers.

Children can use the wrap-around staircase to climb up to the loft level, and take a straight slide back down. We’ve placed a tower over the top landing of the slide for kids to climb through. Though we designed the McKenzie to fit into a corner, we can easily put two open shelves beneath the slide for you.

Part of what makes the McKenzie so much fun is the unique hand-painting. We gave this bed a slate gray, cracked stone theme. Pink flowers on green vines climb the sides, and the molding was painted pink to match. We also air-brushed shingles onto the roofs, and gave the crenelated towers and antiqued look, and painted a coat of arms with the child’s initial onto the octagonal tower. Our favorite hand-painted feature, though, is definitely the slide: the family had the brilliant idea to paint it like a waterfall!

If you love the McKenzie Castle Bed as much as we do and are ready to order, please give us a call at 801-261-2261, or use the Free Quote button above. If you’re not ready to order, that’s okay too. You can still call us with any questions or concerns you might have. Want to design your own McKenzie bed? Head over to our Custom Designs page to find out how!


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