Marseille Chateau Bunk Bed

As Shown With Hand Painting $6,385.00

Our Marseille Chateau is the ultimate Cottage Bunk Bed. The timeless gable in gable roof is sure to stun guests and family alike, and will never grow old.

Available with a full bed down below and a twin up above, this bunk bed is great for kids old or young. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, take a look at the bed that inspired it, the Snow White Cottage.

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The Marseille Chateau Bunk Bed is one of our most timeless designs to date. With it’s European styling and gorgeous silhouette, this is one bunk bed your family will always be in love with. The standard Marseille has a full mattress below and a twin in the loft.

The Marseille Chateau Bunk Bed includes a winding paneled staircase which circles an octagonal tower before landing at the upper bunk. Just on the other side of this tower we’ve placed a metal topped slide to bring kids down in style. The octagonal tower has two gridded arched windows and is topped by dual chimneys. We’ve also put a set of adjustable shelves inside the tower, accessible through a small bled-in door. We’ve also put to open face shelves beneath the slide.

On the opposite side of the bunk bed is a bookshelf tower. We’ve put a small window at the top for style and given the door a gridded window design. This design matches the window on the loft. The roofs over the gables extend only a short ways over the loft space.

Though the standard Marseille is a cottage, yours doesn’t have to be. By rearranging a few of the features and giving the bed a new paint job, we created a New England Lighthouse Marseille for one family. You can check out the picture of it above.

We’ve given the standard Marseille a hand-painted cottage style. The base is tan with occasional stand-out cobbles on the walls, blue trim, and a faux shingled roof. We would be happy to give your Marseille any paint style you like.

Altering the Marseille to fit your space is not a problem. We can grow or shrink the design, add or remove features, or even give it an entirely different theme. You can even create your own custom design. If you’re looking for a design with fewer features, then you should take a look at our Snow White Cottage. The show white is the design off which the Marseille was based.

Marseille Chateau Bunk Bed Dimensions:

150” W x 105” D x 105” H

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