Mama Bear’s Playhouse


The Mama Bear’s Playhouse is named after Mama Bear’s Play Cafe in Holmdel, NJ, for which it was custom designed. It has a staircase for access to the loft area and choice of 2 slides to come back down.

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See more about Mama Bear’s Play Cafe here. If you live in the area, take your kids and let them play on this village while you have a cup of coffee.

Their address is 2145 Route 35 in Holmdel, NJ.

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This custom playhouse was specifically designed for Mama Bear’s Play Cafe. It has one staircase and two slides, one of which comes out from a tree trunk. The loft area is mostly open, with a roof only over the two upper windows. The area beneath has ample crawl space as well as two toy mailboxes on the left side. The paint scheme mixes several cheery colors that make the place feel vibrant.


171″ W x 83″ D x 102″ H

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