Ludwig Playhouse
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Ludwig Playhouse Plans

On Sale $95.00 $29.95

A dream castle and mansion in one, Ludwig knows how to play. This luxurious castle offers two floors with a window seat on each. The upstairs is open to the lower level and has several windows. Feel free to go all out with wood banister railings and fancy molding along the ceilings.

Please Note: The price listed here is purely for the playhouse plans. You are responsible for gathering your own raw materials and tools as well as building the playhouse. Please call us at 801-261-2261 for more information.

Approximate size: 11’ W x 9’ D x 15’ H

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Please call us at 801-261-2261 to learn more.


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6 months 18 days ago

Is this the house for 95.00 or is just for the plans?

6 months 14 days ago

Yes, the plans are $95. You would then need to purchase the raw materials and construct the playhouse.

Cierra Weinbergh
6 months 2 days ago

How much would the actual materials cost?

6 months 7 hours ago

The cost of materials would depend on how elaborate you went. Likely in the $4,000 – $5,000 range.

6 months 1 day ago

So all together to build this what do you think the total cost would be

6 months 7 hours ago

Cost would vary depending largely on whether on not you did the construction or hired someone to do it for you. If you hired someone your cost with raw materials and labor could be in the $20,000 range.

5 months 22 days ago

So just to be clear,you have to make the house yourself?

5 months 21 days ago

Hi Heylani, yes, if you order the plans, you need to purchase the materials and build the playhouse.

Myeown Nicholson
5 months 17 days ago

Is it really easy

5 months 15 days ago

Hi Myeown,

It is just like building a small home so if you have those skills or would like to hire someone to do it for you, it is “easy”, otherwise it might be somewhat challenging.


4 months 14 days ago

is this 95.00

4 months 12 days ago

$95 is for the blueprints to build the castle

4 months 12 days ago

Just wonder can I set monthly payment up

4 months 12 days ago

Hi Veronica,

There must be a little misunderstanding, the plans are $95 so you probably wouldn’t want a payment plan for that would you?

3 months 3 days ago

That would be cool