Frozen Castle Playhouse or Bunk Bed

$6,795.00 As Shown With Hand Painting

What Frozen fan hasn't dreamed of running off to their own incredible ice castle, if only for little while? Well now they can, with our Frozen Castle Playhouse.

Included with the Frozen Castle Playhouse is everything you see here: a paneled staircase and slide, the playhouse add-on (on the right side) and the hand-painted ice design.

This playhouse is an expanded version of the Frozen Castle Bunk Bed, and can also be used as a bunk bed. As a bunk bed it is available for two twin mattresses, two full mattresses, or even two queens!

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For kids who *still* can’t stop singing Let It Go, the Frozen Castle Playhouse is the perfect place for them to belt their hearts out. We designed it to mirror the stacked, geometric architecture and delicate ice spindles of the movie castle.

Everything shown above is included in the price of the Frozen Castle Playhouse. The playhouse has two floors, which can be used (and are sized) for bunkbeds.

To reach the loft, kids climb a paneled staircase. On the other side of the loft a slide is waiting to take them back down to the floor. We left the roof open, which lets you see in, and ensures there’s always plenty of light. We installed three windows around the edges of the loft. Two look out over the staircase and slide, and the third looks out the front. This front window extends down into the lower level, giving parents a chance to see inside. Kids enter this level through an open doorway on the front.

The play area on the right side is independent of the rest of the playhouse, making it a great addition if you want to use this as a bunk bed. This section has a large, arched front opening, a side window, and a gridded window up above. It also is roofless. If you don’t think you need this extra area, or don’t have space, see our Frozen Bunk Bed. Our Bunk bed is this same design, but with the extra play space removed.

We include the ice hand-painting in the price of the design. However, if you or someone you know are feeling artistic, we can send the design to you unpainted. This is a great way to involved kids in the creation of their playhouse or bed.

Frozen Castle Playhouse Dimensions:

Twin Sized: 153″ W x 75″ D x 107″ H

Full Sized: 168″ W x 75″ D x 107″ H

Queen Sized: 174″ W x 80″ D x 107″ H

Shorter versions are available for rooms with 8′ ceilings.

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