Dartmouth Castle Bunk Bed

As Low As $4,975.00 Unpainted. As As Shown With Base Painting $5,995.00

The Dartmouth Castle Bunk was inspired by one of our most popular castles, the Norwich.  Included is a staircase that winds around the octagonal tower for easy access to the loft. On the opposite end and across the crossover bridge is the slide. This bed is perfect for any family looking for something a little bigger, but with that classic medieval look!

Not sure the Dartmouth is right for you? Take a look at the original Norwich–the same base design without the slide and stairs. Want to create your own unique castle? Head over to our Custom Designs page!

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The Dartmouth Castle Bunk Bed is a truly fantastic design, with the potential to be a bunk bed, indoor playhouse, or loft bed.

The Norwich Castle Bunk Bed includes one bookcase tower with 3 to 5 adjustable shelves. On the opposite side of the bed is an octagonal tower. Two arched windows climb the tower and inside are shelves accessible from both bed decks. Sitting on top of this tower is a square turret with a window perfect for storage. Two square towers decorate the back of the castle, and also have adjustable shelves inside.

Kids enter the lower area by way of a large arched doorway with faux stones around the edge. There are also openings in the walls behind the staircase and beneath the bridge.

To reach the loft, kids climb a wrap around staircase which circles the octagonal tower. From there, they cross the loft area, make their way across a bridge, and are able to slide down the slide. The slide can have an open shelf built beneath it for added storage. The center turret above the archway has a small amount of storage space as well.

We decorated the Dartmouth Castle Bunk Bed using double echoed molding (over the main entrance), square molding (on the top of the bridge), and crenelation along the tops of the towers. There is also molding around the bottom edges, and it’s possible for us to add wooded trim around the tower windows.

The Dartmouth holds two full size mattresses, though we can shrink it down to fit two twins. We can also reverse the design, or make adjustments so that it fits your space. If you’re looking for a similar look, but a smaller profile, try the original Norwich Castle, which does not include the slide or stairs. Or, you can head over to our custom designs page and see about creating your own.

We give the standard Dartmouth Castle a base painted design with three colors: One for the walls, one from the trim and crenelations, and another for the faux stones around the entrance. You can order the Dartmouth unpainted, or custom hand-painted as well.

Dartmouth Castle Bunk Bed Dimensions:

Full sized: 158″ W x 93″ D x 94″ H

We would love to make this design perfect for you. Let us know how we can. Call us at 801-261-2261 for questions or to get started. If you’re feeling ready to get started, click our free quote button above.


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