Contemporary Garage Loft Bed / Playhouse

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This Contemporary Garage Loft Bed and Playhouse is the perfect feature for the budding architect in your life! The bed holds a full above with a large storage or play space below. The garage door folds open to reveal this lower space. This is an excellent way to store large play equipment like bikes or boards, or to store a study area. 

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What kid doesn’t like the idea of having a little home of their own? With this Contemporary Garage Loft Bed/Playhouse, your child can have just that. 

This design is a loft bed with storage or play space built underneath. It also works well as a full playhouse with two floors. We built this bed to hold a full mattress in the upper level, though we can alter it to hold a twin. 

Kids reach the ‘upstairs’ on this design by way of a staircase with squared railings. We left the roof open, and gave it three windows to make sure kids can see and be seen, and there is plenty of natural light. 

Down below, kids enter the ‘garage’ by opening up the folding garage doors. These doors open outward from the center and fold neatly away. You can turn the inside of this space into a storage space, study space, or a playhouse. A large window on the right side of the garage looks out at the staircase. Just behind this window is a large cubby for storing smaller items.

We painted this bed to look like a contemporary home, but you can order it in any colors you like. You can also order it unpainted, or ask for custom hand painting and add flowers, animals, names, or more. Please give us a call to learn more about our hand painting.

There are few things we love more than creating custom designs, like this one! So if you see something you like, along with something you don’t, let us know! We would be happy to add or remove features, change sizes, or flip designs to suit your taste.

To begin your order of the Contemporary Garage Loft Bed, or to ask any questions, give us a call at 801-261-2261, or use the free quote button listed above. 


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