Merlin’s Mansion Indoor Playhouse

As Low As $6,495.00 Unpainted. As shown with hand painting $9,345.00

We call this spectacular castle playhouse Merlin’s Mansion. It’s meant for big fun, big adventures, and a big space! With two slides and plenty of play room, this makes an excellent playhouse for anywhere expecting to have lots of kids playing at once.

Custom variations are available to fit your space (see below for details) and we also have a slightly smaller version called the Linfield.

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We like to call this commercial indoor playhouse Merlin’s Mansion. We’ve designed it specifically for places with a high traffic of kids at one time. It’s perfect for day cares, pre-schools, waiting rooms, play centers, and more.

To give kids the most space possible to run around in, we’ve designed the Merlin with a tall lower area and a roofless upper loft. The many windows on the bottom floor and roofless loft make sure that you can see in and kids can see out. There is one staircase leading up from the back and two metal topped slides that appear from the front.

Kids can enter the bottom floor through an arched opening with faux rocks around it. On either side of the door is an octagonal tower with wrap around arched windows. We can put shelves in these towers, or leave them open for play space. Just above the entrance arch is an overhanging floor. The front wall has double echoed molding, and a central crenellated turret. On top of each of the octagonal towers we’ve placed square turret with one pointed arch window and a pointed roof. These turrets, along with the center turret, give the playhouse it’s great castle silhouette.

One side of the playhouse is made up of a separate tower connected to the whole via a bridge. One of the slides comes out of this tower. Beneath the bridge is an arch, and through this is an entrance to the inside of the playhouse. The walls of the bridge have cut out crosses and molding along the top. There is a crawl space beneath the slide and tower bottom is open. We can also put a window on the back of the tower top.

We’ve put arched, gridded windows around the bottom floor and molding along the top of all the walls. The crenellated towers make this playhouse feel like a real life castle!

The playhouse is available to you unpainted, base painted, or hand painted. In both the pictures above we’ve hand painted the design. With both base and hand painting, you get to chose the color scheme.

We would be happy to alter the dimensions of the playhouse to help fit your space, whether that means adding taller ceilings, expanding the play area, or even making it a bit smaller.


18′ 7″ W x 112″ D x 118″ H.

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1 year 10 months ago

Can I buy the plans for this castle

1 year 10 months ago

Hi Kim, I’m sorry, but we don’t have the building plans available for this design. We would, of course, enjoy building one for you.