Cinderella Carriage Bunk Bed

As Low As $4,145.00 Unpainted. As Show With Hand Painting $5,695.00

Your princess will be thrilled with this princess carriage straight from a fairy-tale. And the best part? We guarantee this bed will never turn into a pumpkin at Midnight!

This bunk bed is great for two princesses, or for one who likes to play pretend!

If you don't need a bunk bed, or would like a slightly different design, see our Princess Carriage and Cinderella Carriage beds. You can also check out our custom designs page to see about creating your own bed or playhouse!

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This Cinderella Carriage Bunk Bed is as elegant as can be.

The bed is available with either two twins, or two full mattresses. We can also make this a single rather than bunk bed.

Your princess can enter the bottom floor by climbing a set of two wonderfully elegant walk up stairs. A window to either side lets her wave out at the crowd! An opening just above the left side also makes sure that light can get into your little princess.

You reach the loft area by the lean to ladder on the backside. The high walls created by the fancy silhouette make sure your princess stays safe and sound up there long past midnight.

We’ve hand-painted the carriage above. The hand-painting price includes the pink trim, designs along the carriage front and stairs, the dual colored wheels, and the names of your princesses.

We don’t include the wall sconces in the standard design. We can also add a door with self closing hinges.

Like all of our beds, if space is an issue we can easily modify the bed. It can become smaller or larger, and we can add or remove features at will.

Cinderella Carriage Bunk Bed Dimensions:

Twin: 103″ W x 46″ D x 72″ H.

If you’re interested in ordering, or just have questions, please call us at 801-261-2261 or request a free quote above.


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