Christensen Castle Playhouse

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This waiting room playhouse castle was created for Audiology Professionals, a clinic in Ogden, UT. It’s the perfect place for the kids to play while they wait for the doctor. With plenty of storage space inside, and an awe inspiring exterior, kids will be begging their parents to visit your practice!

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We designed this waiting room playhouse specifically for a doctors office (though of course, you can use it wherever you like).

The playhouse primarily consists of the front facade, painted to match the waiting room interior, as well as several bookshelves and benches meant to sit against the pre-existing walls. There is ample storage space in the way of shelves and cubbies, along with plenty of open play space inside. This is a perfect playhouse for a waiting room with a pre-existing space designated for kids.

Kids enter the playhouse through a grand archway that we’ve rimmed with faux stones. The doorway sits between two octagonal towers. Each of these towers has three arched windows and has a crenelated top. On top of each tower we’ve placed a square turret with a window and pointed roof. These are excellent places for storing things you want to display. The insides of these towers are hollow, with a large and small cubby space in each. We’ve also built in a small set of shelves to one side of one of the towers.

The castle gets its classic silhouette from the two pointed towers, the center crenelated turret above the door, and the crenelated towers which hug the walls on either side. We’ve also crenelated the bookcase in the back of the playhouse. The whole playhouse has molding along the top and bottom.

We painted this playhouse to replicate a real castle. Hand-painted ivy climbs the sides, and individual bricks stand out, and the colors extend onto the interior walls. Three coat-of-arms plaques crown the front above the door. The roofs of the towers have faux thatching for an old-fashioned look. If you like, we can change the paint scheme to fit your space. We can also bring it down to base painted level for those on a budget.

Though this playhouse is built for a specific space, we can easily alter it to fit what space you have. We can also add or remove whatever elements you like.


103″ W x 22″ D x 103″ H

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