Cherrywood Platform Bed


Check out this awesome platform bed! It can be for a single kid, or be a bunk bed. The design is perfect for older kids or kids who need lots of storage space, and the cherry wood gives it a timeless look.

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This cherrywood platform bed is the ultimate choice for style, versatility, and storage space.

Both the upper and lower platforms can hold full-mattresses, though we would be happy to adapt that to a different size.

The bottom area has four drawers beneath the mattress platform; two on each side. We made the back wall up with twelve deeply set shelves. These shelves are perfect for storing every thing from an alarm clock to pajama’s to books and more!

Kids can reach the upper platform three different ways. The first is by the staircase on the right hand side which comes with a partial railing going up. Along the side of the staircase is a small and simple climbing wall. The third option is the netting along the right side. We also surrounded the upper platform with both wooden railings and soft netting. This keeps kids from rolling off while also adding a stylized look.

We can easily alter the configuration of the playhouse to fit your room. The bed decks can be made smaller, or the entire design can be reversed. We would be happy to discuss options with you!

We also love to do custom designs. If you aren’t sold on what you see here, please let us know, and we’ll get started on your custom design right away!


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