Castle Vicari Bunk Bed

As Low As $8,295.00 - Unpainted. As Shown With Hand Painting $9,995.00

Looking for something truly regal? Look no further than our Castle Vicari! With it’s classic silhouette and curved sides, this castle is sure to please the princess in your life.

We can happily modify the bed to fit your space, and alter the color scheme to your liking. Available as a twin or a full.

You can also ask for the Polton style, which replaces the staircase with a ladder. The Polton begins at $5,795.00 unpainted and as pictured in the gallery is $7,959.00.

*Please note: Price seem a little out of your budget? We understand. We have castle beds ranging from $2,000-$4,000 (Leeds Castle, Norwich Castle), to $5,000-$8,000 (Anatolian, Polton) and above!

*See below or call 801-261-2261 for more.


The Castle Vicari Bunk Bed is truly regal. On the right side of the standard Vicari is an octagonal tower with shelves inside. Opposite this, we’ve put a bookcase tower with four shelves and a cabinet above. Between these is the arched entrance to the lower bed area. Square molding below and faux stones above give this arch an added touch of style.

We created the classic silhouette of the Vicari by placing two window turrets on top of the towers and to either side of our special Orlando Window. Double layered trim on either side of the Orlando adds to the effect. The top of the towers are crenellated, and the pattern is repeated at the bottom of the octagonal tower for a very magical look. We also add a plaque with your child’s hand-painted initials at the top of the octagonal tower.

Because they are open to the back and front, each of the three windows along the top allows for storage and display space. The three arched windows which wrap around the octagonal tower are also great for displaying items on the shelves inside. The lower area of the Vicari includes two cubbys for storage. One is beneath the slide, and the other is beneath the stairs.

On the Castle Vicari Bunk Bed, kids can access the upper loft area using a curved staircase which wraps around the bookcase tower. This staircase comes standard with charming spindles. The other side of the bed contains a matching curved slide, and kids can get down using either method. Don’t have room for the staircase? Ask for the Polton style (see in in the picture gallery above) which has a ladder rather than stairs. Please be aware that you will lose the under-stair cubby on the Polton.

We give the standard Vicari a light pink, hand-painted paint scheme with faux bricks and faux shingles. We also dress the Vicari with rose vines to make it feel even more magical. If you don’t like the paint style as is, or are looking for a less expensive option, we would be happy to alter the paint scheme and paint level.

Like all our designs, we can easily alter the Castle Vicari to fit any room, either by flipping it, shrinking it, or adding features. One of the pictured Vicari’s even has a wardrobe added to the upper floor behind the slide.


  • Vicari Twin: 144″ W x 76″ D x 94″ H.
  • Vicari Full: 144″ W x 91″ D x 94″ H
  • Polton Twin: 123″ W x 75″ D x 94″ H
  • Polton Full: 123″ W x 90″ D x 94″ H


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