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They Say it Takes a Village

Sky View Castle Playhouse

Short Term Day Care – For parents, there are plenty of activities which simply can’t be done with kids in tow. Like working out, or shopping at IKEA. That’s why plenty of places offer short term day-care, a place to drop off the kids for an hour or so while the parents get stuff done.

But the idea loses its luster if the kid doesn’t want to go in. Make your day care center a place kids want to go again and again–which means their parents will come back again and again–with an incredible playhouse from Tanglewood Design!

We Know Just What You Need.

Curved Modern Indoor Playhouse with Slide and StairsFor short term day care centers, odds are you will have multiple kids running around at once. In that case, you’ll need to have lots of things to keep them entertained. A playhouse is a great item to add to the mix, because it mixes physical play, imaginative play, and cooperative play all into one.

Depending on your space, we would recommend either one large playhouse, or several small playhouses. Not only can more kids play at once, but there are more options for them to be entertained. We’ll load your playhouse up with fun and interactive features–white boards, puppet theaters, plinko boards–then let you fill it to bursting with toys, books and costumes. Slides, stairs, and physical features will help kids stay active, and perhaps even tire them out by the time mom and dad return. Trust us, your customers will thank you for that.

Imagination is also an important part of keeping kids entertained. Let our whimsically themed designs and fanciful paint styles set their minds whirring, then watch as they work together to go on fabulous adventures.

Something else to consider is the need for storage space. You want to keep things (relatively) clean, and they want to find fun toys and props to play with. We can add drawers, shelves, wardrobes and more to make sure the playhouse can hold everything you want to put in it.

We Want to Make This Easy for You.

Large Indoor Castle Playhouse with Slides and Stairs

Below we’ve collected some of our best playhouse for day-care centers like yours. Ranging in style, size, and price, all of our playhouses are customizable, both in features and in colors. We would also love to create a playhouse specifically for you!

While browsing, you might find you have questions. Please feel free to call us. We’d love to explain features, answer questions, and make sure you understand all the options available to you. Our number is 801-261-2261. If you think your ready to order, feel free to request a free quote below.

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