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Fantastic Play, Everyday!

For many busy parents, the only option is to put their kids into daily, long term day care. As somewhere a child will be visiting nearly every day, a long term day-care should always feel fun a fresh. A great way to do that, is with an indoor playhouse. Every parent wants their kid to be active during the day, and outdoor playhouses are a day-care must. But many day-care owners don’t consider the advantages of having an indoor playhouse as well.

An indoor playhouse is great for in the winter, or when the weather is too bad to let kids play outside. Here is Salt Lake City, during the winters, we get terrible inversions, when a brown haze formed by pollution gets trapped inside our mountains. There are multiple days in the year in which the air quality is deemed too poor to allow kids outside. Recesses and outdoor playtime’s get moved indoors all around the valley, and kids get restless. Rather than try and corral play-hungry kids with a story or a nap in place of recess, you can let them loose inside your indoor playhouse.

We’ve Got What Kids Want.

Linfield Castle with slide and five towers.

For day-care services in need of an indoor playhouse, something larger, or else a serious of smaller playhouses is probably your best bet. After all, with group sizes of around 5 to 20 at any given hour, you need something with the space to entertain multiple kids at once. Additionally, with kids there everyday, you don’t want them getting bored. A large playhouse has more room for interactive features, for new games, and for imaginative, open-minded play.

Since active play is a must (tired kids at pick-up time make happy parents), you need a playhouse with features to keep them busy. Slides, stairs, ladders, tunnels, bridges, climbing walls, we have all the physical play features you could want in an indoor playhouse.

Pirate Ship Indoor Playhouse w' Slide & StairsAnother thing parents want in their day-care is an assurance that kids will be learning and using their imaginations. That’s why we provide a wide variety of interactive play features. Bucket dumbwaiters, puppet theaters, dress up stations, plinko boards–we have everything you could want to keep kids using their hands and their minds. Speaking of plinko boards, is clean up time an issues? Have a plinko board installed on your playhouse and give each child a different colored ball. Put clean-up jobs in the slots at the bottom, then let kids drop their balls and watch them plink, plink, plink down to their clean-up job of the day!

We Want to Make This Easy for You.

We want to make your playhouse buying experience simple and quick–after all, you’ve got kids to wrangle! That’s why below we’ve featured a small selection of our most day-care friendly playhouses. These playhouse have great combinations of interactive and active play, and all of them are customizable. Ask us about all the features we can add, or order it as is. All of our playhouses can have paint-schemes customized by you, and if you want to design your day-care playhouse from scratch, we would be happy to do that to!

If you have questions, or are ready to go, please call us at 801-261-2261. We’d love to talk to you. You can also request a free quote below.

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